Meaning of Kwankwasiyya

Kwankwasiyya is a political ideology and a movement as exemplified by its leader Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. It signifies hard work and commitment to the struggle for the emancipation, development and happiness of the people. It also strives for the total emancipation of the common man and ensures his freedom and dignity, through sacrifice, hard work and determination in all facets of life.

The following are some cardinal principles of Kwankwasiyya movement:

1.  Respect for human dignity, irrespective of class, status or any other differences;

2.  Humane and compassionate attitude towards common man;

3. The ideology of progress of the people that enhances their total welfare and enduring security;

4.  Purposeful leadership through sacrifice and struggle to free people from all forms of exploitations;

5. Vision and commitment to work for attaining socio-economic development of the people;

6.  Honesty, transparency and trustworthiness;

7. Hardwork, honesty and perseverance in the successful implementation of government policies;

8. Responsible and responsive leadership in the public service delivery;

9. Youth and women empowerment through skills acquisition and vocational training for self employment;

10. Implementation of all meaningful health programmes with emphasis on maternal and child care services; and

11. Compassionate attitude towards children, the old, the sick, pregnant women and vulnerable people in the society.

During the first tenure of Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, (ie 1999-2003), the philosophy of Kwankwasiyya was vivid through the ideas, thoughts and actions of Governor Kwankwaso. Infact his ideas and foresight are the basic foundation of the practical achievements of the regime. Hence the acronym Kwankwasiyya refers to the mass movement under the leadership of Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso. His concern for Kano state and its people, especially the common man and the most vulnerable in the society ie, women and children, formed the basis of running the affairs of the state. This concern is deeply rooted in his heart and actions as attested by his maiden inauguration speech to the people. He said: “the state recent past was a period of general social and economic decline on every facet of human endeavor: education, environment, collapse of infrastructure and attendant loss of hope everywhere”. He promised the people of the state that: “ we shall restore and sustain effective functional economic growth, development and social justice for all… we shall endeavor through all available means to meet your yearnings and aspirations in order to renew your hope and ensure the sustenance of a stable democratic polity and to restore Kano to its glorious past”.