Ali MUHD Ajumawa:- My loyalty for Kwankwaso


    I grew up from a very poor family, my dad was a shoeshiner in our locality. When I finished my secondary sch, as a child of a poor man who has nobody to support me, I started selling Sugar cane. One faithful day, my friend Ahmad came to me and told me that “Kazo muje mukai takardunmu ofishin SSG, naji a rediyo anacewa masu 9credits sukai in sunason scholarship, kwankwaso zai kaimu makaranta” meaning we should go and submit our credentials to SSG office for a scholarship that Kwankwaso’s govt is intending to do.

    At first, I laughed at him and told him that how would a poor boy like me, who is the son of nobody and has no connection can get scholarship from govt. But my friend was confident and he replied me with let’s try our luck. I borrowed transport fee from my neighbor for my trip to Kano city with my friend, where we went and submitted our papers to the office of the SSG. Days later, we were called for an Exams which we wrote and passed both me and my friend Ahmad. To set the record straight, we just recently graduated as Medical Doctors from 6 October University Egypt. My loyalty for Kwankwaso is for ever because he gave me and my family a new lease of life, he fulfilled my dream and catalyzed me towards my own excellence.


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