Where is Dadiyata?


My brothers and sisters especially the social media activists faithful to Kwankwasiyya and the PDP, today I choose to speak to you about one of us Abu Haneefa Dadiyata.

I was one of the few people who got the first hand information on Dadiyata’s abduction that fateful Thursday night. I quickly shared the information with the Kwankwasiyya bigwigs and actions were kickstarted within that very hour.

Apart from being worried, all the highest rankings of movement were at various points searching for Dadiyata’s whereabout within security apparatus, until a doubt was cast on whether or not he was taken away by officials of the DSS or police.

I issued a statement demanding the immediate release of Abubakar Idriss, coordinated various media campaigns including the famous BBC Hausa documentary and Amnesty International’s publication with the aim of mounting pressure on the unlawful detention of Dadiyata.

On the orders of the leadership of Kwankwasiyya movement, we keep following up with Dadiyata’s family and closed friends in Kaduna on a daily basis to ensure that we are all on the same page in struggle to rescue him, often, his family also relied on us for lasted updates.

I led the first visit to Dadiyata’s family and held a meeting with some notable civil society activists in Kaduna to intensify efforts on securing the release this victim from his oppressors, but yet to no avail.

In spite of being on call several times with the family of Abubakar, the leader of Kwankwasiyya Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso sent a powerful delegation led by his former Chief of Staff Dr. Yunusa Adamu Dangwani to the residence of Dadiyata’s father to sympathize and console the family on this unfortunate incidence.

We have done all it takes to ensure that Dadiyata is free but the issue remains a most difficult to handle considering our position as members of the opposition.

Enough for the internal blame game, anyone with a clue of Dadiyata’s whereabout should come forward and share with us, we are ready to walk the talk, at the moment, we don’t know what to do next as the police and the DSS have severally denied having Dadiyata in their custody.

We consulted our legal team on the possibility of filing a lawsuit for a court to help us issue an order of mandamus to the security agencies but we are advised not to pursue that idea because there is no reliable evidence as to who picked Dadiyata from his residence in Barnawa, Kaduna.

If you genuinely have any reliable information concerning whereabout of our brother Abubakar Idris also known as Abu Haneefa Dadiyata, please share with us, we will take it forward immediately to ensure that he regains his freedom.

Allah ya bayyana Dadiyata cikin koshin lafia, ameen.



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