Yusuf Sharada; 2019 Will Buhari concede defeat?


    2019: Will Buhari concede defeat???

    After 2003 General elections, the then governor of Kano state Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso set an unprecedented record of honorably conceding defeat and going personally to congratulate the then governor-elect Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau.

    In 2015, former president Goodluck Jonathan follow suit by conceding defeat and called General Buhari, the then president-elect and congratulated him for his victory even before the election body formally declare him the winner.

    Both Kwankwaso and Jonathan did not bother to waste time, energy and other resources going to court to challenge the outcome of the said elections despite possible evidences and incumbency lock advantages.

    Unlike Buhari, who apart from irregular insistence which was characterized by his slogan “Akasa, Atsare, Araka, Ajira….” always end up in court all the three times he contested and failed elections. ( Remember, Buhari even rejected vehemently the idea of forming government of national unity headed by someone from his home state).

    Considering the level of desperation mixed with power intoxication which led to biased and open crackdown on opposition, by witch-hunting perceived political opponents using anti graft agencies as well as undermining democratic institutions by our egocentric president; one may wonder, can Buhari accept the outcome of 2019 ressults if it didn’t favor him as indices and signs show already? Only time can reveal the answer to this question.

    Yusuf Sharada
    National Coordinator
    Project save Nigeria (PSN)


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